My WWDC 2016 Wishlist

Its about time to WWDC. It’s always like Christmas for Apple developers. Provided Phil Schiller release huge App Store changes a week before WWDC, we »

Making of Peerflix for iOS, or how to embed any nodejs app in iOS app.

This is about building Peerflix for iOS. What is Peerflix? In case you don't know, peerflix is a JavaScript app that stream video torrents without fully »

我看 WWDC 2015

說說今年 WWDC 比較重要的東西吧: Swift 2.0 蘋果自己埋頭苦幹做了 Swift 幾年,在上年突然推出把全世界嚇了一跳。雖然贏得了開發者的掌聲,但是它的不穩定和一些語法古怪的部份讓很多開發者都停留在 Objective-C。今年蘋果就是要跟大家說他是認真的,也解決了一些重要問題: 解決了大部份的 compiler bug ,也把許多謎一樣的 compiler error/warning 改成有用的建議 在 Objective-C 中加入了 »

Effectively implementing delegate pattern in your custom classes

Delegate is one of the simplest and flexible patterns in Cocoa. A delegate is an object that acts on behalf of, or in coordination with, another »

Building a iOS Ruby REPL and Opal for iOS

I'm happy to tell you I just finished the first version of IGJavaScriptConsole, a JavaScript/Ruby REPL for your Objective-C apps! REPL stands for Read-Eval-Print-Loop. See »

Debugging JavaScriptCore using Safari Web Inspector

With new JavaScriptCore in iOS, we have the ability to add dynamic scripting to mobile apps. If you've been working on embedded JavaScript for iOS projects, »